Adding Privatized Video at Vimeo

Documentation for adding video content

We require our users to give us exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else on the world wide web. With that being said, the content must be stored at Vimeo and viewed only at our specific site, Below, we will give you specific instructions on where and how to store your content.

Naming your content

Each piece of video content needs to have a specific naming convention. all content names will start with your specific identifier i.e. company name, your name, identifiable initials, etc. followed by the name of the content. And example would be, YourNameOrBusiness(the same each time)_name-of-the-video.mp4 The first part, YourNameOrBusiness, will identify the content as being yours within the upload folder called “LoyalTubeContributor“.

Saving your content

Once you have created the content you can save it to your computer, then upload to Vimeo.

Uploading content to Vimeo

Log into

Once you log in you will see the screen below. Make sure you choose to upload videos to the team account (LoyalTube Contributor), You will need to switch to the team account if it isn’t already chosen.See an example of this below:

After choosing the LoyaltubeContributor folder you will see the screen listed in the screenshot below. Chose “Upload” and upload the video from your computer.

Once the video has uploaded click on the video and you will be brought to the next screen. Under 1, add the url then get the link shown as 2 in the screenshot. DO NOT USE THE EMBED BUTTON use the link button that looks like a chain link.

Post that link to your account stream at

That’s it! You’re done.